We take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as one of the leading manufacturers of Laboratory Glassware and industrial Glass Blown apparatus and assemblies made from BOROSILICATE GLASS. As Since 1972 in Process-Glass industry, we have the proven ability to manufacture any Glass apparatus within customer's specifications.
The company manufactures entire range of Scientific Glass equipments and undertakes repairs job.
The company is having its well equipped work-shop with skilled Glass 



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Laboratory Glassware Manufacturer - Borosilicate Glassware, Borosil Glassware, Glass Blowing Lab equipments, Glass apparatus & Scientific equipment from Sabar Scientific: Sabar Scientific Products Range Covers: Laboratory Glassware, Borosilicate Glassware, Scientific Glassware, Chemistry Glassware, Glass Blowing, Glass Blown Apparatus, Science Apparatus, Borosil, Class A Glassware, Certified Volumetric Glassware, Graduated Glassware, Ground Joints, R & D Glassware, Pilot Plants, Distillation Units, Glass Distillation apparatus, Glass Distillation Unit, Laboratory Stirrer, Stirrer, Reduction Adapters, Expansion Adapters, Multiple Adapters, Ball Joints, Spherical Joints, Reagent Bottles, Screw cap Reagent Bottles, Glass Bottles, Impingers, Gas washing Bottles, Specific Gravity Bottles, Weighing Bottles, B.O.D.Bottles, Auto Burette, Burette, Beakers, Fractionating column, Packed Column, Glass Rasching Rings, Chromatography column, TLC Capillaries, Chromatography sprayers, Air condenser, Reflux condenser, Leibig condenser, D.S.Condenser, Allihn condenser, Bulb Condenser, Coil condenser, Vertical Condenser, Measuring cylinder, Nessler cylinder, Mixing cylinder, Petri plates, Petri dish, Dessicator, Vacuum Dessicator, Dean & Stark receivers, Clavangers apparatus, Extractors, Soxhlet extractors, Conical Flask, Volumetric Flask, Round Bottom Flask, R.B.Flask, RBF, Two neck Flask, Three neck Flask, Four neck flask, Filtration flask, Filter Flask, Wide mouth Flask, Reaction Vessel, Kjeldhal flask, Iodine Flask, Stoppered conical flask, C.O.D. Bottle, C.O.D. Condenser, Funnel, Filter Funnel, Dropping funnel, Addition Funnel, Pressure equalizing funnel, Separating funnel, Powder funnel, Graduated Pipette, Volumetric Pipette, Glass Stoppers, Ground Joint Stoppers, Stirrer Rod, Glass Rod, Glass Stirrer rod, PTFE blade, Stuffing box, Stirrer guide, Mercury seal, Anchor Stirrer, Sintered Buchner funnel, Test tubes, Culture vials, Culture Tubes, Melting point Capillary, Calcium chloride Tube, U Tube manometer, Mc-leod gauge, Vacuum Gauge, Arsenic Test apparatus, Amonia Distillation apparatus, Water Distillation Unit, Double Distillation Unit, Triple Distillation Unit, Micro Filteration assembly, Millipore membrane filter holder, C.O.D.Test apparatus, Tablet Dissolution Glass Jar, Tablet Dissolution Bowl, Rotary Vacuum Evaporator, Glass Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger, Glass Valves, Glass Vessel, Glass Reaction Vessel, Heating mantle, Water bath, Stop-cocks, Rotaflow stop-cocks, Boroflow stop-cock, PTFE Stop-cock. Laboratory Glassware Manufacturer - Borosilicate Glassware, Borosil Glassware, Glass Blowing Lab equipments, Glass apparatus & Scientific Equipments Laboratory supplies.

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